Powerful Connections


CS Erickson is a family-owned, full-service commercial, industrial and residential electrical contractor serving Grand Haven and the greater West Michigan marketplace for nearly 30 years. CS Erickson provides a wide range of electrical and telecommunications services to commercial, industrial, and residential customers. 



Design/build typically involves working with a customer and/or their general contractor or subcontractors to design the complete electrical and communication service for a project.

CS Erickson’s services can be most broadly categorized as electrical, communications (digital and IP phone systems, as well as video security systems), and controls (pneumatic and hydraulic controls, as well as industrial automation and control systems).

We prides ourselves on customer service and strong relationships with our clientele. Whether you require dependable electrical repairs or commercial, industrial, controls, telecommunications, or electrical installation services, CS Erickson’s goal is to fulfill your needs.

Whatever the scope of your project, you can trust CS Erickson to provide detail-oriented work on-time and under budget. Our dedicated and diligent staff ensures precise and professional services to meet your electrical needs.

We are ready to help!